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Results show that in combination, laser pre treatment and EJM can alter the exposed surface textures and chemistries. Here, machined surface roughness (Sa) was shown to increase from approximately 0.45 m for untreated surfaces to approximately 18 m for surfaces subjected to extreme laser pretreatments. After pre treatments materials were characterised to appraise microstructural changes, shown to be martensite formation,… Read more →

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The integrity of several buildings and homes on Mindanao have already been weakened by a 6.3 earthquake that struck on Oct. 16 and another 6.6 quake on Oct. 29. These species comprised a variety of trait categories including feeding group, species affinity to temporary streams and subsurface habitats. Active and passive vertical movements were determined by conducting experiments with both… Read more →

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Article, Pepper told the Justice Integrity Project regarding Jackman Post piece, a major breakthrough for the mainstream media, which has refused to cover the truth about the murder of Dr. King. Pepper continued in an exclusive interview with the Justice Integrity Project, initiative will extend to others in the mainstream media who will be reporting on the 50th anniversary in… Read more →