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This paper discusses conceptual and practical framework for the development of virtual heritage platforms as a research, educational and engagement tool that brings historic spaces and buildings back to the recognition of the public eye of the ordinary user. It not only reproduces historical scenes through physical modelling of archaeological sites or data, but, more importantly, through serial narratives where… Read more →

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What common in these ads is their use of the American Dream as a model viewers adhere to. Marketable commodity signs depends on how effectively advertisers are able to colonize and appropriate referent systems referent system can be tapped, but remember that advertisers appropriate referent systems for the purpose of generating sign value, so they dwell on referent systems that… Read more →

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Motivation [was] to avoid the consequences of bad publicity, said former FBI chief Louis Freeh, who led the independent investigation. Publicity has consequences for the brand of Penn State University, the reputation of coaches, the ability to do fundraising. It got huge implications. Where to watch: In theaters Nov. Might Endgame follow suit, both in recognition of what a monumental… Read more →

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On the positive side, I have promoted natural cures, nutritional therapies, permaculture, vermiculture, organic gardening, non hybrid seeds, natural medicine and environmental stewardship. Intellectual property claims have been used by powerful corporations to enslave the masses. The patents on genes, seeds, animals, plants and medicines have done nothing but enrich the corrupt corporate elite at the expense of the People.… Read more →

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