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Potential offerors are asked to submit an offer. The proposed daily rates must be inclusive of transportation, food, lodging, et cetera. Unit of Item Description Quantity Issue Unit Price Total Amount 1. Item Type:Book SectionItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractAlthough the sexual abuse of children is a long standing problem that has received considerable scholarly attention, still little is understood about sex offenses… Read more →

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But there are important differences to traditional religiosity. The new consumerist self religiosity of . I am currently putting together a research proposal under the working title “Shopping for Turkish/Muslim Spiritualities, Identities and Ethics in the UK”, .. Recovery from stroke is challenging for many survivors. They deserve effective treatments underpinned by our evolving understanding of brain recovery and human… Read more →

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He will faceformer first lady Sandra Torres, who got nearly 20 percent, in a runoff on Oct. 25. The conservative candidate favored in pre election polls, Manuel Baldizn, finished third and has dropped out of the race. April 11, 2011: A controller fell asleep at Seattle Boeing Field/King County International Airport. He was monitoring local traffic while two other controllers… Read more →

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The announcement last month from internet health guru, Dr. Joseph Mercola, of his plans to launch his own brand of powdered infant formula onto the US market, has spawned the Eats On Feets GLOBAL breastmilk sharing network. In retaliation against yet another needless and harmful artificial breastmilk substitute to hit the market, mothers on Facebook from around the world have… Read more →

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In addition, Copernicus’ model was the first astronomical system that offered a complete and detailed account of how the Universe worked. Not only did his model resolves issues arising out of the Ptolemaic system, it offered a simplified view of the universe that did away with complicated mathematical devices that were needed for the geocentric model to work. And with… Read more →

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Folks looking to cap off Halloween weekend with something just a little bit spooky can check out this pop up happening on Sunday. A family friendly event, the Dark Arts Festival will showcase 20 local artists giving macabre takes on makers’ arts. So whether you’re looking for a kinda gross zombie portrait, darkly enchanting jewelry, cute yet sinister embroidery pieces,… Read more →

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Zn containing porphyrins are intensely investigated for their ability to form reactive oxygen species and thereby being potent photosensitizers for use in photodynamic therapy (PDT). Some of the drawbacks of the PDT approach, such as unspecific distribution, could be addressed by means of photosensitizer drug delivery systems. In this work, we synthesize and characterize new water soluble gold nanoparticles (GNP)… Read more →

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