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We identified suggestive linkage of pulmonary hypertension with hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia on chromosome 12q13, a region that includes ALK1. We identified amino acid changes in activin receptor like kinase 1 that were inherited in subjects who had a disorder with clinical and histologic features indistinguishable from those of primary pulmonary hypertension. Immunohistochemical analysis in four subjects and one control showed… Read more →

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The name Caelum, in Latin, literally means “chisel”, though the word can also mean ‘the heavens’. According to an antiquated school of thought, the sky (caelum, ‘sky, heaven, the heavens’) is rounded, spinning, and burning; and the sky is called by its name because it has the figures of the constellations impressed into it just like an engraved (caelare) vessel.… Read more →

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The Terminator Terminator 2: Judgement DayTerminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesTerminator Genisys (2015) can perhaps be best summarised as the film in which the Terminator has been renamed ‘Pops’. It is the fifth Terminator film and the third made without James Cameron. Terminator Genisys or perhaps that should be Pops Genisys returned Arnold Schwarzenegger to the role that made him famous… Read more →

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Jewelry, also frequently made in China, has been the target of even more recalls. Since 2004, manufacturers have recalled more than 45 jewelry products involving 170 million units due to excessive lead. Even non recalled jewelry, however including some labeled “lead free” has proven to be dangerous. This Planck period of time extends from point 0 to approximately 10 43… Read more →

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My brother, the youngest, was relentless in his campaign for another Scotty. My parents acquiesed, only to once again, have the dubious honor of “all of the work” and not much joy in the trials and tribulations of corraling and maintaining order with this obstinate, headstrong, independent critter. When my brother, Steve, left for college, it was mom who inherited… Read more →

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Berry resident Susan Ballinger declared the situation in Canberra appalling when interviewed in Nowra on Friday morning. “Well I think it an absolute disgrace,” she told The South Coast Register. “I appalled at the self interest, the bigotry, the total lack of concern for the public good there doesn seem to be any interest anymore. And Reinecke, M. And Remazeilles,… Read more →