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Journey is about Chang Xuan Zang’s (Zhang Wen) growth from a pitiful but earnest demon hunter into a Buddhist monk. He’s dedicated to nonviolence and the quest for enlightenment, but he’s awful at hunting demons. Xuan Zang’s nameless master (Sihan Cheng) teaches that demons should be tamed by nurturing the basic good in them, which, in Xuan Zang’s case, means… Read more →

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All subjects showed good insight into their own performance, though that insight did not necessarily correlate with the veridical bisection point. In terms of personality, we found evidence of significant differences in performance along the Unusual Experiences subscale, of most theoretical interest here, in the subsecond condition only. There was also significant correlation with Impulsive Nonconformity and Cognitive Disorganisation in… Read more →

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The book brings together accounts of other experiences from Antarctic explorers to round the world lone sailors; those who have experienced long periods away from people and the sounds of civilisation. These suggest that once we move beyond language there are other inexplicable ways of being; ways we don’thave the appropriate words to explain. Thissuggests that what we know is… Read more →

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