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4. They also added Marshawn Lynch who will improve their offense which ranked 6th in the NFL. Those are big improvements. Whereas, exogenous androgens have little or no effect, the androgen antagonist bicalutamide stimulates INSL3 production. In contrast, estrogen receptor agonists, as also progesterone, are stimulatory. Importantly, estrogen receptor signaling is convergent with the protein kinase A signaling pathway activated… Read more →

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Increasingly, historians are viewing the American Revolution in light of the diseases which affected it. The years of the American Revolution are the same years of an enormous smallpox epidemic which affected all of North America from the fur trading outposts in Canada to the Indian tribes of the Great Plains to the streets of Mexico City of which Boston… Read more →

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For three decades he has been a leader in transforming the 2 D mechanical drafting course to a modern 3 D solid modeling design course. This work has benefited countless mechanical engineering students. For these activities, he has been recognized with numerous educational awards and received the Orthogonal Medal for contributions in graphic science. Top National Security Council official set… Read more →

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Molecular dynamics simulations of ligand bound membrane protein complexes were used to validate binding poses, allowing analysis of key interactions and binding site solvation to develop structure’activity relationships of 2 ligand binding. The resulting relationships are consistent with intrinsic binding affinity (corrected for membrane interaction). The successful structure based design of ligands targeting membrane proteins may require an assessment of… Read more →

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During an interview, Dr. Kanatjan Alibekov explained the history of biological weapons procurement in Soviet Russia, of which he was a part from 1988 to 1992. Having since committed himself to furthering American interests, Dr. Previous research found that when gas and dust get sucked into black holes, they explode with bursts of high energy X rays that usually last… Read more →

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His sentences are as sharp as etchings in glass. And he’s a storyteller of the first water. His Gwennie is a sad wreck; often one wonders where the triumphant Jean Rhys is in this gloomy, inchoate life. Of course, Americans absolutely love this story. They love it because there is a great unwillingness in Western societies, but especially in America,… Read more →