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Background: Collaborative working between professionals is a key component of integrated care. The academic literature on it largely focuses either on integration between health and social care or on the dynamics of power and identity between doctors and nurses. With the proliferation and extension of nursing roles, there is a need to examine collaborative working amongst different types of nurses.Method:… Read more →

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Scott Walker, Panhandle resident and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, many of whose ex staffers are now staffing Scott executive branch.. At the end of FY19, all the post office schemes put together managed about 9 lakh crore, whereas commercial banks were sitting pretty on deposits of 127 lakh crore. Both the low savings potential… Read more →

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You could design a tropical island, then invite friends to hang out with you on your virtual private beach. An object creator akin to the Oculus Medium sculpting feature lets you make anything, even a custom t shirt your avatar could wear. Visual scripting tools let more serious developers create interactive and reactive experiences.. Other prominent people have also been… Read more →

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He added by phone that “it’s hard to explain” why people were blocked based on decisions made by his predecessor, Jared Rego, other than that there must have been violations. Some of those who were blocked tell the Indy their comments were civil but contrarian (though they were deleted, so it’s hard to verify). Miller also said by phone, “If… Read more →

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