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Shortly before his death in 1695, Huygens completed Cosmotheoros, which was published posthumously in 1698 (due to its rather heretical propositions). In it, Huygens speculated about the existence of extraterrestrial life on other planets, which he imagined would be similar to that of Earth. Such speculations were not uncommon at the time, thanks in part to the Copernican (heliocentric) model..… Read more →

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Taking up the concept of reception history/Rezeptionssthetik, as described by its founder, Hans Robert Jauss, this project considers the way in which diverse contexts shape the ways in which readers of 2 Thessalonians have historically interpreted the epistle. Supplementing Jauss’ methodology with insights from theological scholars, the larger questions of biblical meaning and continuity between biblical interpreters enters the discussion.… Read more →

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The many fields of research conducted aboard the ISS include astrobiology, astronomy, human research, life sciences, physical sciences, space weather, and meteorology. In the case of space weather and meteorology, the ISS is in a unique position to study these phenomena because it’s position in LEO. Here, it has a short orbital period, allowing it to witness weather across the… Read more →

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There were some contentious moments involving the NFLPA, including when Sen. Dean Heller, a Nevada Republican, said: you worried more about getting back on the field, instead of stopping abuse, your priorities are out of order. During an exchange with the NFLPA deputy managing director, Teri Patterson, Heller said: either for stopping sexual assault, domestic abuse and child abuse or… Read more →

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These and other streets near here on Detroit’s far east side were once known collectively as Copper Canyon blocks filled with homes once occupied by Detroit Police officers and firefighters before residency requirements were overturned and many moved to the suburbs for lower insurance rates and less crime. The area now leads the city in aggravated assaults so far this… Read more →

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The orbit of Comet US10 Catalina. Image credit: NASA/JPLBinoculars are our favorite tools for observing comets, as they’ve easyto sweep the skies with on our cometary quest. As with nebulae and deep sky objects, keep in mind that quoted magnitude for a comet is spread out over its apparent surface area, causing them to appear fainter than a star of… Read more →

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