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Spring driven pendulum clock, designed by Huygens, and copy of the Horologium Oscillatorium. Credit: Museum Boerhaave, Leiden/Rob KoopmanIn 1657, Huygens contracted clock makers in the Hague to build his clock and applied for a local patent. In other countries, such as France and Britain, he was less successful, with designers going as far as to steal his design for their… Read more →

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A competition between chiral characteristics alternatively attributable to either conformation or to absolute configuration is identified. Circular dichroism associated with photoexcitation of the outer orbital of configurational enantiomers of 1,3 and 2,3 butanediols has been examined with a focus on the large changes in electron chiral asymmetry produced by different molecular conformations. Experimental gas phase measurements offer support for the… Read more →

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After the havoc played by the Orange Train fiasco, some conservation quacks are busy making the Zebun Nisa tomb ‘new’ again. The Lahore Conservation Society members and like minded citizens in their last meeting held earlier on Waris Road decided to hold next Last Wednesday of the Month meeting at the tomb of Shahjahan’s granddaughter on October 30 at 3… Read more →

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ESTSS successes are noted along with a number of personal reflections on activities that give rise to concern for the present as well as its future prospects. Denial of survivors’ experiences and turning away from survivors’ narratives by reframing their experiences to accommodate helpers’ theory driven imperatives are viewed with alarm. Arguments are presented for making human rights, memory, and… Read more →

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Mankad was often hailed as the Keith Miller of India. But unlike the dashing Australian allrounder, he was fated to represent an eternally weak team and had to be a relentless workhorse while carrying the additional weight of the nation’s expectations. He batted at every position in Test cricket, not by choice but because of circumstances.. By assessing the toxcicity… Read more →