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Nix filed complaints against Clark and Wood with the state Ethics Commission, alleging that both had fudged on their campaign finance filings. That was a tactical mistake, possibly. The complaints were filed only after the school board gave the boot to the union, and the alleged offenses were fairly trivial. Crazy HatsIn the Early Middle Ages, women wore veils. Sometime… Read more →

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“It’s going to take time to see how the courts interpret the [Supreme Court] decision in terms of what the new limitations are, and what local governments can and cannot do,” said Tim Frenzer, Wilmette’s corporation counsel. Chicago corporation counsel Mara Georges told aldermen Thursday the court’s ruling applied to Washington, which is under federal jurisdiction, but not to cities.… Read more →

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Others will require examining lots of rock samples, which have to be carefully selected and studied. The Curiosity rover is starting the process of selecting samples to bring back, but it important to remember that we don have any rock samples from Mars yet. No freshly obtained rocks, or what geologists would call “clean surfaces.” None. According to Ellner over… Read more →