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We also demonstrate that our model and some of the existing models are equivalent and we provide a unification between them. In addition, we develop a linear and energy stable time integration scheme for the derived model. Such a linearly implicit scheme is nontrivial, because it has to suitably deal with all nonlinear terms, in particular those involving the density.… Read more →

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Milk constituent concentrations in samples taken during early lactation are often used to generate proxy measures for energy balance in dairy herds. This study aimed to explore associations between these and other measures routinely recorded by dairy herd improvement schemes and insemination outcome, with an emphasis on the likely predictiveness of such measures for conception risk (the proportion of inseminations… Read more →

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FPL wants to use treated wastewater to cool the two reactors, then inject the water into wells 3,000 feet deep in the Boulder Zone of the Lower Floridan Aquifer. The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, the National Parks Conservation Association and two individuals challenged FPL license application. Their expert testified that the water could migrate to the Upper Floridan Aquifer… Read more →

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And Nolte, Max and Ovcharenko, Aleksandr and Palacios, Juan and Pastor, Luis and Perin, Rodrigo and Ranjan, Rajnish and Riachi, Imad and Rodrguez, Jos Rodrigo and Riquelme, Juan Luis and Rssert, Christian and Sfyrakis, Konstantinos and Shi, Ying and Shillcock, Julian C. And Silberberg, Gilad and Silva, Ricardo and Tauheed, Farhan and Telefont, Martin and Toledo Rodriguez, Maria and Trnkler,… Read more →

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The Colby Echo (student newspaper)Finding Aids are the primary tools for accessing unpublished manuscripts and archives in Colby College Special Collections. The Finding Aid describes and summarizes the contents of a collection including aspects of its arrangement; the scope of its subject matter; organizations and persons of relevancy; and its chronology. The Finding Aid contains a listing of the collection’s… Read more →

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There has, however, been little theorisation of what students TM representation of affective human relations might reveal about the complexity of learning processes involved. Cultural theories of representation and learning are related to an example, drawn from field notes, of school student drama in which students present a stylised representation of a relationship. Because affect is intimately connected with both… Read more →

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Resistant birds infected by the intra tracheal route had an increased prevalence of tumours and shorter survival times compared with those infected by the intra abdominal route. Susceptible birds infected by the intra tracheal route became paralysed 10 days after infection. L7 birds had shorter survival times and increased prevalences of tumours than L6 birds. He said that a priest,… Read more →