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Stomata are formed by a pair of guard cells which have thickened, elastic cell walls to withstand the large increases in turgor pressure that have to be generated to open the pore that they surround. We have characterised FOCL1, a guard cell expressed, secreted protein with homology to hydroxyproline rich cell wall proteins. FOCL1 GFP localises to the guard cell… Read more →

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The EU Vietnam Free Trade Agreement has been inked, and is expected to usher in immense opportunities for Vietnam to expand its trade and investment ties with EU member states. The EVFTA will further facilitate EU businesses including those from Austria to do business in Vietnam Austrian Ambassador to Vietnam Thomas Schuller Gtzburg writes about how the agreement will help… Read more →

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Mt. Gox is now undergoing bankruptcy rehabilitation in Japan, overseen by court appointed trustee and veteran bankruptcy lawyer Nobuaki Kobayashi to establish a process for compensating the 24,000 victims who filed claims. There are now 137,892 Bitcoin,162,106 Bitcoin Cash, and some other forked coins in Mt. And Ferri, Cleusa P. And Flaxman, Abraham D. And Fleming, Thomas D. Metaheuristics, being… Read more →

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Modern vehicles increasingly utilise a large display within the centre console, often with touchscreen capability, to enable access to a wide range of driving and non driving related functionality. The text provided on such displays can vary considerably in size, yet little is known about the effects of different text dimensions on how drivers visually sample the interface while driving… Read more →

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