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Global markets are no longer dominated by multinational enterprises (MNEs) alone, international new ventures (INVs) or born globals are increasingly becoming serious contenders in terms of employment wealth creation as well as revenue generation. In seeking to penetrate global markets they often rely on their entrepreneurial behaviours. Specifically, these nascent but entrepreneurial firms often take advantage of existing and newly… Read more →

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Strength properties of the concrete specimens were evaluated after 7, 14, 28 and 91 days curing, but morphological features, using secondary electron mode, were examined only at 7 and 28 days on cured specimens, using Scanning electron microscope (SEM). From all the mixes, selected samples with higher 28 day crushing strength, and the reference mix, were further characterized with more… Read more →

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Mayweather has to do better than the 41 punches per round he amassed against Marquez if he wants to keep Pacquiao off him. While Mayweather will never be able to equal Pacquiao output, he can use his ring science to somewhat neutralize the Filipino effectiveness. Mayweather power punch connect percentages are off the charts, and he need that accuracy as… Read more →

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