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It allows standard toolkits to be used from functional code written in a functional style. We thus bridge the gap between the two worlds, bringing the advantages of both to the developer. Our framework is available on Hackage and has been been validated through the development of non trivial applications in a commercial context, and with different standard GUI toolkits..… Read more →

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Oliver Hardy’s personal life was difficult to say the least. He was married three times and the first two times, to Madelyn Saloshin and Mytre Reeves, ended in divorce. The latter marriage was particularly unhappy as Reeves suffered from addictions and depression, which Oliver found difficult to deal with. Also welcome are those rare persons who seem not to believe… Read more →

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State and local health officials were at the press event at a private residence, to demonstrate mosquito trapping devices and advise local residents on how to reduce mosquitos in their yards this season. Part of that will involve eliminating containers with standing water, which is where mosquitos can breed. The state also provided free larvicide which controls the mosquito population… Read more →

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The North American Industry Classification Code (NAICS) for this acquisition is 541513 with a business size standard of $25.5 million. This is not a solicitation for competitive quotes. However, if any other interested party believes that it can meet the requirements, it may submit a statement of capabilities, which if timely received, will be considered by NOAA. Once they make… Read more →

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They related to uptake of breast, cervical, colorectal, prostate, ovarian and lung cancer screening. Three primary themes emerged from the synthesis. Relationships with the health service shaped decisions, influenced by trust, compliance with power, resistance to control or surveillance, and perceived failures to meet cultural, religious and language needs. Fashion is all about with the good dressing sense carrying yourself… Read more →

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Technicians resumed spacecraft preparations for NASA’s MAVEN orbiter today (Oct. 3) aimed towards meeting the hoped for Nov. 18 launch to Mars after receiving an ’emergency exemption’ from forced furloughs. In March 2007, Pam Zubeck (now the Indy’s senior reporter) wrote a piece on Colorado Springs Utilities CEO Jerry Forte having earned a score of 3.66 on a performance review… Read more →

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