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It was found that, due to its low processing temperature, cold spray is able to prevent graphitization of the diamond in the DMMC coatings. Further to that, the original diamond phase was almost completely retained in the DMMC coatings. Value higher than in any previous studies using conventional pre mixed powders. Actually I be quite interested in how these names/acronyms… Read more →

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The precision cut lung slice (PCLS) is a powerful tool for studying airway reactivity, but biomechanical measurements to date have largely focused on changes in airway caliber. Here we describe an image processing tool that reveals the associated spatio temporal changes in airway and parenchymal strains. Displacements of sub regions within the PCLS are tracked in phase contrast movies acquired… Read more →

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Piggie Park marked the beginning of our courts acknowledging and enforcing America’s obligation of equality under the law when it comes to public accommodations. Fifty years later, the Masterpiece Cakeshop case posed the same question, and the court affirmed the underlying principle that our nation’s businesses should be open to all. But make no mistake: Monday’s decision makes clear that… Read more →

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THE FACTS: Social media posts wrongly claim the FBI did not review evidence before concluding Russia breached the DNC computer system in 2016. The false claims circulated widely on Twitter and Facebook after the White House released a rough transcript of President Donald Trump July phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, in which he asked Zelenskiy to investigate CrowdStrike.… Read more →

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It is widely used for structural and engineering purposes. Symbol: Fe; atomic no: 26; atomic wt: 55.847; valency: 2,3,4, or 6; relative density: 7.874; melting pt: 1538C; boiling pt: 2862C. See also steel, cast iron, wrought iron, pig ironferricferrousferro. R: Malheureusement pas. Nous nous rjouissons de l’intention du Qubec de confirmer que l’eau est un bien commun. Mais nous craignons… Read more →

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