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It was found that, due to its low processing temperature, cold spray is able to prevent graphitization of the diamond in the DMMC coatings. Further to that, the original diamond phase was almost completely retained in the DMMC coatings. Value higher than in any previous studies using conventional pre mixed powders. Actually I be quite interested in how these names/acronyms… Read more →

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Peripheral responsivity was the only type of empathy deficit associated with all dark traits, but unrelated to IRA. Psychopathy was the strongest indicator of impaired empathy and all IRAs; however, only online simulation, an affect related cognitive empathy facet, partially mediated the relationships of psychopathy and Machiavellianism with IRA. Whilst the unique pathways for the dark triad traits suggest stronger… Read more →

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Objectives: To explore women TMs perspectives on what employers and managers should, and should not do in relation to women going through the menopause at work.Methods: An online questionnaire was used to collect qualitative data in a cross sectional study of working women. Three open ended questions asked peri and post menopausal women, aged 45 65 years: (i) what they… Read more →

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Fed Chair Jerome Powell has said his overarching goal is to sustain the expansion, effectively pledging to stick to the status quo of lower for longer yields and higher for longer risk assets. The question is whether he and other officials can engineer such a soft landing.Understanding this crossroads is a pressing matter. None other than Ray Dalio, the billionaire… Read more →

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