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Saudi Arabia is a developing country faced with numerous economic, political and societal challenges. The country’s healthcare sector is in serious need of improvement due tofactors like a dilapidated transport network, suppression of women’s rights, the existence of many foreign nationals and health centers which are clustered around population centers and thus unequal to the task of providing convenient, prompt… Read more →

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Half a century of research has revealed only four American exceptions: during the blackout of 1977; in St. Virgin Islands following Hurricane Hugo in 1989; in and around Homestead, Florida, after Hurricane Andrew in 1992; and in New Orleans this year.What happened after Hugo seemed so unusual that Quarantelli visited the island three times to investigate the chain of events.… Read more →

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Item Type:ArticleItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractSolvent influences on the crystallization of polymorph and hydrate forms of the nootropic drug piracetam (2 oxo pyrrolidineacetamide) were investigated from water, methanol, 2 propanol, isobutanol, and nitromethane. Crystal growth profiles of piracetam polymorphs were constructed using time resolved diffraction snapshots collected for each solvent system. Measurements were performed by in situ energy dispersive X ray diffraction… Read more →

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Laser driven platform for generation and characterization of strong quasi static magnetic fieldsSantos, J. J., Bailly Grandvaux, M., Giuffrida, L., Forestier Colleoni, P., Fujioka, S., Zhang, Z., Korneev, P., Bouillaud, R., Dorard, S., Batani, D., Chevrot, M., Cross, J. E., Crowston, R., Dubois, J. The same goes for W/L: it not accurate to say that “W/L does play some role… Read more →

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During our three hour layover at Chicago O International Airport (ORD) we relied on theSnapdragon X20 LTE modem for connectivity. Our AT reception worked brilliantly and instantly during all of our domestic layovers. Being able to open your laptop and not have to worry about finding an open wireless network is nice. By studying the atmospheric bending over several frequencies,… Read more →

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(NaturalNews) Although it may not be apparent to a layperson, the human body is largely run by rhythms. All organs, systems and cells are controlled by exact, cyclic patterns of rest and activity, which we can aptly call the laws of life. The following are a few examples of the biological rhythms that follow these laws:. Qualifications of Commenter: Christopher… Read more →

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While not official Cooling Centers, Pasadena libraries offer an enjoyable, air conditioned respite from the heat and are, of course, a great place to catch up on your reading! Pasadena Public Library locations are listed below. Click on each location for hours of operation. The public library and all other facilities listed below are subject to change, so please call… Read more →

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