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Thousands uselessly irradiated in the name of “research”One of the more recent and dramatic examples of this shameful waste and harm is seen in a 2011 study published in The Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA). A trial of more than 150,000 older Americans was performed of whom 75,000 were chosen to participate in annual X ray screenings for four… Read more →

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You can be well informed before you make a health decision. Another opinion allows you to discuss your options with a qualified doctor. For example, you may have to choose between traditional or robotic surgery. You need to choose a well planned firewall for your business security. Although this is a myth on some point of time, large scale organizations… Read more →

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Further, anomalously low, temperature independent values of both the twist and bend constants (K22 and K33) are found. The combination of such low values of both constants (0.15 pN and 1.2 pN) and temperature independence has not been observed in any type of nematic material previously. This unusual behaviour has been further investigated using two independent theoretical approaches; a molecular… Read more →

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Therein lays there power. Those ensnared spend their days and nights “trying to please the Queen”. They would cease to exist or die trying. Pire encore, nous n’avions aucun financement bancaire. Et les clients gouvernementaux nous devaient prs de 70 millions en factures non payes. De toute vidence, ils n’taient pas presss de nous payer sachant qu’on ne pouvait pas… Read more →

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One wants their personal business in the wrong hands, whether it just embarrassing, whether it ruins future job opportunities, or whether it in criminals hands who are going to swipe that data and take money from bank accounts, says John S. Shegerian, co founder and CEO of Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), among the biggest e waste recycling firms in the… Read more →

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Saudi Arabia is a developing country faced with numerous economic, political and societal challenges. The country’s healthcare sector is in serious need of improvement due tofactors like a dilapidated transport network, suppression of women’s rights, the existence of many foreign nationals and health centers which are clustered around population centers and thus unequal to the task of providing convenient, prompt… Read more →

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Half a century of research has revealed only four American exceptions: during the blackout of 1977; in St. Virgin Islands following Hurricane Hugo in 1989; in and around Homestead, Florida, after Hurricane Andrew in 1992; and in New Orleans this year.What happened after Hugo seemed so unusual that Quarantelli visited the island three times to investigate the chain of events.… Read more →

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