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Another Australian tourist, who had been on the river the previous day, said the river was very low because it was not the rainy season. He described trapezes and platforms made from bamboo and metal rigged from the trees on the sides of the river. There was no obvious regulation or safety precautions.. There are various accounts of why and… Read more →

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The FDA Exposed: An Interview With Dr. Adams is a trusted, independent journalist who receives no money or promotional fees whatsoever to write about other companies’ products. He’s also a successful software entrepreneur, having founded a well known email marketing software company whose technology currently powers the NaturalNews email newsletters. The apparent orbit of 44 Botis over the next two… Read more →

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Participants will be randomised to receive usual care or usual care and early ES to the wrist flexors and extensors for 30 min twice a day, 5 days a week for 3 months. The initial treatment(s) will be delivered by an occupational therapist or physiotherapist who will then train the patient and/or their nominated carer to self manage subsequent treatments.Ethics… Read more →

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The competition was fierce, and the hardest fought battles took place in India’s largest cities, where physicians practicing all traditions of health care went after the hearts, minds, and rupees of the growing middle class. It was fashionable to declare as lies most government public health declarations. And intra physician competition often echoed this antiestablishment theme, making the most outrageous… Read more →

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We presented pairs of sinusoidal gratings at different temporal frequencies, forming plaid patterns that were “coherent” (looking like a checkerboard) and “noncoherent” (looking like a pair of transparently overlaid gratings), and found clear intermodulation responses to compound stimuli, indicating nonlinear summation. This might have been attributed to cross orientation suppression except that the pattern of intermodulation responses differed for coherent… Read more →

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Why occultations? Consider the wow factor; light from Aldebaran left about 65 years ago, before the start of the Space Age, only to get ‘photobombed’ by the occulting Moon at the last moment. Four bright stars (Regulus, Spica, Antares and Aldebaran) lie along the Moon’s path in our current epoch. Dial the celestial scene back about two millennia ago, and… Read more →