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Roach was also a pioneer in explicitly incorporating Civil Rights activism into jazz composition, and Washington fans might first want to check out We Insist! Freedom Now Suite, a 1960 landmark of long form jazz narrative and protest. It’s Time, from a few years later, employs choral arrangements, setting another early precedent for Washington’s work. Jazz scene that nurtured Washington,… Read more →

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To date, we do not know whether this ability is restricted to the social context (including heterospecifics) or if it can also be used to classify inanimate objects. Furthermore, the factors influencing the formation of this functional class are still unknown. Here, we show that pigeons (Columba livia) are able to use a categorical rule of familiarity to classify previously… Read more →

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The only one created at wikiversity was the ‘Dominant group (anthropology)’ article and I am especially proud of that one. I don’t use the AfD tag on articles because I follow the instructions on ‘Wikipedia:Articles for deletion’ and having never needed to, usually because with some care unless it’s clear vandalism or exploitation, the article can be made better for… Read more →

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Police searched six hours for Ray Shetler Jr., 31, who is suspected of shooting St. Clair Township Officer Lloyd Reed at a residence in New Florence, Pennsylvania, on Saturday night, state police said in a statement.Reed, who had more than 20 years experience as an officer including five years with the St. Clair Police Department, died from gunshot wounds, police… Read more →

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Despite a lack of financial resources, Africa has a comparative advantage in terms of natural resources like forests, hydro and solar power potential.At the May meeting, Ethiopia minister of Environment and Forests, Belete Tafere, urged the lead negotiators in attendance to be ambitious and focused in order to press the top emitters to make binding commitments to reduce emissions. He… Read more →

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We found that, whilst the tensions between consistency and change, and change management, were common topics for scene enactment in both pre and post intervention data, following the intervention participants were much more likely to present themselves as active agents in that change. Post intervention enacted scenes also showed participants TM reports of taking a service user perspective, and a… Read more →

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