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That video was not made available to us. The league was criticized for initially banning Rice for two games, a punishment many considered to be too light. After the video emerged on Monday, the Baltimore Ravens terminated Rice contract and the NFL suspended him indefinitely.. With use of this approach, bacterial biofilm coverage can be reduced by 99% compared with… Read more →

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See also: Reflection (physics), Refraction, Absorption (optics), Birefringence, Specular reflection, and Plane of incidenceA meridional ray or tangential ray is a ray that is confined to the plane containing the system’s optical axis and the object point from which the ray originated. Skew ray is a ray that does not propagate in a plane that contains both the object point… Read more →

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Police in Tennessee haven’t decided yet whether to file criminal charges against Hansen, whose attorney says she won’t talk to investigators unless formally charged with a crime. Artyom’s adoptive grandmother, who placed the boy on the flight to Russia, told the Associated Press he was violent and threatening to burn his house down. Is still a mystery. So it would… Read more →

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Editor’s Note: Transport Topics Online is proud to offer Executive Briefing a quick read on the day’s trucking news. These summaries are produced by Information, Inc., which scours over 1,200 publications from local newspapers to trade publications and summarizes what they dig up. The result is the most complete trucking coverage anywhere. Most of us tend to focus on our… Read more →

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Data from the past three censuses 1997, 2002 and 2007 were collated, analyzed and projected forward to 2014 factoring in relative changes in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) not only nationally but also at industry and state levels. State level GDP changes over the period of analysis are applied to our estimates of change at the metropolitan level. Please note the… Read more →

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Item Type:Book SectionItem Status:Live ArchiveAbstractThe identification of the genetic basis of heritable pulmonary arterial hypertension (HPAH) was a landmark discovery in the field. Ten years later, investigators are making significant progress toward understanding how such mutations confer susceptibility to disease and using this information to devise new approaches to treatment. Still, much remains to be learned regarding the genetic architecture… Read more →

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This study aimed to 1) describe and quantify changes in brand diversity, price segmentation and sales volumes and 2) estimate the association between the introduction of plain cigarette packaging and cigarette pricing in the UK.Design: We used a natural experiment design to assess the impact of plain packaging legislation on brand diversity and cigarette prices. The data comprised a sample… Read more →

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Symbiotic variable stars are binary systems whose members area hot compact white dwarf in a wide orbit around a cool giant star. The orbital periods of symbiotic variables are between 100 and 2000 days. Unlike dwarf novae, compact binaries whose periods are measured in hours, where mass is transferred directly via an accretion disk around the white dwarf, siphoned directly… Read more →