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The characters of the book are from four generations: Salma, the mother of the family who earlier in 1948 fled the city of Jaffa with her husband due to Arab Israeli conflict; her three children; her three grandchildren; and four great grandchildren. The book showcases how different characters see the world, one through a daring eye and another conservatively. It… Read more →

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After searching everywhere for a powered version of a primer pump and not finding one necessity truly became the inspiration for invention as he formed a new idea to make a powered primer pump. Shurtleff explains, “Not seeing one on the market anywhere, I took my idea to a friend of mine, Bob Wolstenholme, who owns LancairI met Bob several… Read more →

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We aimed to quantify the ACE I/D and ACTN3 R577X (rs1815739) genetic variants in elite rugby athletes (rugby union and league), compare genotype frequencies to controls and between playing positions. The rugby athlete cohort consisted of 507 Caucasian men, including 431 rugby union athletes that for some analyses were divided into backs and forwards and into specific positional groups: front… Read more →

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At a meeting on Nov. 19, ACPS staff briefed the community on findings from the assessments and updates on solutions. Staff reported that mold remediation had been completed for 12 areas in the school and would continue in the other areas where mold had been identified, subject to the availability of funds.. Intel held an event in Beijing last week… Read more →

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A group of fifteen South Florida Mayors have come together to deal with the realities of sea rise from climate change, since they experience Sunny Day flooding and expect it to get worse, and are asking for state and national attention to address the problem, including a meeting with presidential hopeful Sen. Marco Rubio. House of Representatives is a big… Read more →

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But we very confident that blockchains more broadly are going to become a bigger part of how financial services work over the coming years. $5M Series A round was led by Washington based Paladin Capital Group, with participation from Santander InnoVentures, KRW Schindler, Digital Currency Group, and existing investor, Octopus Ventures.reason we have raised to give us a year and… Read more →

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