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The characters of the book are from four generations: Salma, the mother of the family who earlier in 1948 fled the city of Jaffa with her husband due to Arab Israeli conflict; her three children; her three grandchildren; and four great grandchildren. The book showcases how different characters see the world, one through a daring eye and another conservatively. It… Read more →

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After searching everywhere for a powered version of a primer pump and not finding one necessity truly became the inspiration for invention as he formed a new idea to make a powered primer pump. Shurtleff explains, “Not seeing one on the market anywhere, I took my idea to a friend of mine, Bob Wolstenholme, who owns LancairI met Bob several… Read more →

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But we very confident that blockchains more broadly are going to become a bigger part of how financial services work over the coming years. $5M Series A round was led by Washington based Paladin Capital Group, with participation from Santander InnoVentures, KRW Schindler, Digital Currency Group, and existing investor, Octopus Ventures.reason we have raised to give us a year and… Read more →

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In this document analysis of the websites of 75 international graduate learning sciences programs, we examine central concepts and research methods across institutions, compare the programs, and assess the homogeneity of different subgroups. Results reveal that the concepts addressed most frequently were real world learning in formal and informal contexts, designing learning environments, cognition and metacognition, and using technology to… Read more →

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That is when a long planned internet bill will go into effect and lay the foundation for a national network whereby internet service providers are controlled by Roskomnadzor, Russia’s telecom agency. The goal is to give Russia the power to disconnect from the global internet in the event of a cyberwar and, in the interim, serve up a walled off… Read more →

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What you’ll find is a very rich, almost impenetrable core surrounded by a nice halo of resolvable stars in a delightful field.NGC 1851 has two distinct stellar populations with very different initial metal mixtures: a normal alpha enhanced component, and one characterized by strong anti correlations among the CNONa abundances. Known in the Caldwell Catalog as Object 73, this fine… Read more →