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Your resume should contain sufficient information to make a valid determination that you fully meet the experience requirements as stated in this solicitation for each grade level(s) for which you are applying. This information should be clearly identified in your resume. Failure to provide information sufficient to determine your qualifications for the position will result in loss of full consideration..… Read more →

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Growth promoting effects of those isolates on cucumber and rice seedlings also were assessed. Among 16 morphologically distinct isolates, BDR 2, BRtL 2, and BCL 1 significantly inhibited the growth of S. Sclerotiorum through induction of characteristic morphological alterations in hyphae and reduction of mycelial dry weight. 151, 22 (2016)Now, the Ninth Planet idea is gaining steam, and another team… Read more →

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Another cultural difference was around nature calling. Toilets were a challenge on every level with the chinese euphemism of happy hourbeing a source of much amusement with local guides who knew too well how ourtoilet trips were more often than not unhappy occasions. Also known as ‘singing a song’, the experience was agreat leveller. The Oxford Street Shelter is a… Read more →

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The production of electronic circuits and devices is limited by current manufacturing methods that limit both the form and potentially the performance of these systems. Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a technology that has been shown to provide cross sectoral manufacturing industries with significant geometrical freedom. A research domain known as Multi Functional Additive Manufacturing (MFAM) in its infancy looks to… Read more →

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In an accompanying editorial, David Celermajer, Scandrett Professor of Cardiology at the University of Sydney, Australia, and Dr Edmund Lau, clinical associate lecturer at the University of Sydney, call on legislators worldwide to do more to protect children from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke. “Much more work needs to be done to control the tobacco epidemic and it is… Read more →

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