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This article is a content segment from the book, the Five Habits of Transformation by Mike Adams. The book covers the five most effective, yet effortless strategies for enhancing health. Written for busy people, it explains how to get the greatest health results possible with the least investment in time, money or effort. Although we have general governmental data for… Read more →

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And that’s what’s missing with this museum a sense of nuance. An ability or willingness to connect the dots. There’s hardly any mention of the poor people of southern Utah, where extraordinary cancer clusters started appearing in the late 1950s. NASA should start investing into project where it can make some profit in order to sustain the expenses. I mean… Read more →

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“It’s seriously my pet peeve,” says Meredith Soleau of Toledo. Soleau owns a social media marketing agency, so she’s all forspreading the word online, but not like this. “It’s really awkward for me when it’s someone I haven’t talked to since highschool and they’re like, ‘Hey, how are you?’ and we’re just catching up and then they’re like, ‘I think… Read more →