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The neutral thermal sensation (neither cold, nor hot) is widely used through the application of the ASHRAE seven point thermal sensation scale to assess thermal comfort. This study investigated the application of the neutral thermal sensation and it questions the reliability of any study that solely relies on neutral thermal sensation. Although thermal neutrality has already been questioned, still most… Read more →

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Existing evidence suggests that the right inferior frontal gyrus (rIFG) plays a crucial role in impulsivity, and such a role has been elucidated using inhibitory repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS). There is a dearth of studies using excitatory rTMS at the rIFG, an important gap in the literature this study aimed to address.Methods: Twenty healthy male adults completed a single… Read more →

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ITEM NO SUPPLIES/SERVICES QUANTITY UNIT UNIT PRICE AMOUNT 0001 3 Quarter $ $ (Time) One Year Full Service Plan Provide One Year Full Service Plan for government owned Gentle Max Pro 4897 in accordance with the Performance Work Statement. Bidders are required to address all evaluating factors in accordance with Addendum 52.212 2. Base Period of Performance: 1 January 2019… Read more →

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(eds.). 60 ed. Royal Society of Chemistry, p. Those with hearing loss experience a 30% to 40% greater decline in thinking abilities compared to their counterparts without hearing loss, according to the findings published Monday. Frank R. Lin of Johns Hopkins University. This study aimed to develop an equation that allows estimating CH4 emissions of lactating cows recorded in an… Read more →

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Additional Information:Background The publication of the DSMIII (American Psychiatric Association (APA), 1980) prompted a significant increase in interest and research on personality disorder (PD), and the concept has subsequently been incorporated into mental health legislation in the developed world. Despite this, such research on people with intellectual disability (ID) has been sporadic, with widely varying results. The present study addresses… Read more →

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