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Beddomeae and C. Colletti may each contain at least one additional, previously undescribed species. The relationship between northern and eastern C. The study found that children’s collaborative stories were longer when the children were encouraged to construct their own dynamic drawings. The stories were also qualitatively better, as they contained more structural elements and were richer in style. However no… Read more →

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For you, less truly is more. The shorter the ingredient list, the fewer potentially irritating fillers the product likely contains. On the definitely avoid list? Oil, fragrance, and chemical sunscreens. D., Papachristou, C., Park, J H., Caicedo, A. J. P., Patten, S. As in all matters of decorum, the announcement was a notable departure from key victories of presidents past.… Read more →

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There’s also the fact that life exists practically anywhere that offers it even a slight chance for survival. On Earth, we are now discovering that life can thrive in places that we once thought unlivable extremely hot environments such as boiling water, for example, or extremely cold environments such as arctic ice. In these extremes, we continue to find living,… Read more →

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A., Kistryn, S., Kos, B., Kleines, H., Krapp, M., Krzemie, W., Kulessa, P., Kup, A., Lalwani, K., Lersch, D., Lorentz, B., Magiera, A., Maier, R., Marciniewski, P., Mariaski, B., Mikirtychiants, M., Morsch, H. P., Moskal, P., Ohm, H., Ozerianska, I., Passfeld, A., Perez del Rio, E., Piskunov, N. M., Podkopa, P., Prasuhn, D., Pricking, A., Pszczel, D., Pysz, K., Pyszniak,… Read more →

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A Justice Department official said that hours after Yates released her memo refusing to defend the president executive order, she was delivered a one line letter from the head of the White House Office of Presidential Personnel saying that she had been removed. The White House then announced her firing with a statement criticizing her as Obama Administration appointee who… Read more →

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In 1849, Araminta “Minty” Ross is a young wife, daughter and sister on a Maryland plantation owned by the Brodess family. Slaves aren’t human; they’re chattel, to be bought and sold at will and sometimes to be separated from their families as punishment. The owner’s son, Gideon (Joe Alwyn), has helped shield Minty from being sold; he developed an attachment… Read more →