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She draws from this mix of gendered strategies in negotiating between two different discourses of construction; one professional and one tough and practical. Her behaviour both reproduces the masculine ideals (through horseplay and heroic management) and opens up possibilities for modernising construction management (by caring). It is this combination of strategies that is at the heart of tacit expertise for… Read more →

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The painting illustrates the biblical story of Susanna, who is caught bathing by a group of elders and is blackmailed into coming with them. In the tale, Susanna refuses, and the elders are undone by their lies. For instance, Rembrandt redrew one of the Elder’s arms from his original draft. DoehlD. FarleyC. D. During the Assyrian invasion under Theglathphalasar, when… Read more →

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How do you get a child to take their vitamins? Hide them in a sugary lollipop or gummi bear. As we’re seeing in today’s marketplace, more and more candy vitamin products are becoming available for children, and their sales are skyrocketing. But is it good nutrition? To answer that question, you have to ask another. If you believe in consciousness,… Read more →

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Seamless addresses the audience as a smart consumers by requiring the reader to piece together the cultural clues on their own in order to understand the joke. By not spelling out the punchline, advertisers are gaining their respect and attention since, “Self generated resolution to the ambiguity and incongruity of the message may enhance favorable brand attitudes, because in solving… Read more →

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And Cocca, M. And Nauck, M. And Spielhagen, C. Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) have become a popular leisure platform. Psychological recovery during leisure time is vital to replenish resources spent at work. The present diary study comprised a sample of employees with high exposure to emotional demands and integrates the Job Demands Resources (JD R) and addiction literature to examine… Read more →

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Is a disgrace that the SBA could merely set a price tag on information that it does not want the public to see. Florida Government in the Sunshine laws are a protection that prevent secret deals and other behaviors from being hidden from public view. Circumventing these laws by slapping a price label on the requested material must not be… Read more →

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‘Here are the romantics, whose chief burden is to destroy ordinary tolerant life, to destroy philistinism, to destroy common sense, to destroy the peaceful evocations of men, to raise everybody to some passionate level of self expressive experience, of such kind as perhaps only divinities, in other works of literature were supposed to manifest. This is the ostensible purpose of… Read more →

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Introduction: Previous studies have found partners TM smoking status, multiparity, and nicotine dependence to be associated with smoking cessation in pregnancy. However, no studies have investigated influences on cessation among women using nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). We analyzed data from a trial of NRT in pregnancy to determine factors associated with shorter and longer term cessation.Methods: Data were collected at… Read more →

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