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The midterm election gains for Democrats could also bring other notable policy changes that impact the Middle East and the Muslim world, besides blocking the Muslim ban. Republican Congressman Peter Roskam was defeated in Illinois by Democratic challenger Sean Casten. The “Israel Anti Boycott Act” is currently before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, which was controlled by the Republican… Read more →

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Informed by and drawing on both the integrated model of response to sport injury (Wiese Bjornstal et al., 1998) and the biopsychosocial model of challenge and threat states (Blascovich, 2008), this multi study paper examined whether preinjury adversity affected postinjury responses over a 5 year time period. Study 1 employed a prospective, repeated measures methodological design. Non injured participants (N… Read more →

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Check out quinoa and look into supplementing your daily diet with green foods powders, like those I’ve mentioned above. You can also look into taking high quality mineral supplements and making sure you’re getting enough calcium and trace minerals in your diet. Investigate sea vegetables and find out what they can do for you. One of these molecular clumps, designated… Read more →

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“We already have the worst jobs.” Underneath the dull florescent lighting of the high school’s gym, before the second round of games begins, a quiet buzz of talking chatters throughout the bleachers. Strung across a wall behind one hoop sags a plastic white banner. “Education Through Athletics,” it reads. I have an induction stove with a glass plate myself. I… Read more →

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