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Diversity of Management Strategies in Mesoamerican Turkeys: Archaeological, Isotopic and Genetic EvidenceManin, A. O., Corona M, E., Alexander, M. M., Craig, A., Thornton, E. Santisi’s best known students was Diana Krall, the jazz pianist and vocalist who, like some of his other students, went on to be awarded Grammys.”Diana was always a terrific pianist, she used a great deal of… Read more →

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Exit quietly, without drawing the assailant’s attention. Adults are to ensure that all children are supervised and accounted for. Do not return to the building or to an office or classroom for personal items. Graeme Fowler, the Lancashire and England left hand batsman and an occasional wicketkeeper, holds an ECB Level 4 coaching certificate and is among the multitude still… Read more →

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This study analyses the impact of initial return, post issue liquidity, and third party certification on downside risk of initial public offerings (IPOs). Downside risk, measured by value at risk (VaR) and conditional value at risk (CVaR), draws upon Extreme Value Theory (EVT) and the Peak over Threshold (POT) approach. Initial return and downside risk exhibit a positive association which… Read more →

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Senator Charles E. Schumer media shield legislation passed the Senate Judiciary Committee by a vote of 13 5. The successful vote, which now sends the bill to the Senate floor, came after Schumer helped craft an amendment that determines which individuals would be covered under the legislation. Following a picture perfect blastoff from NASA’s frigid Virginia spaceport and a flawless… Read more →

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An invitation from the local diving group, Newcastle Neptunes Underwater Spearfishing Club, was sent to interested members of council to experience first hand how fish reacted to ‘foreigners’ in their domain. The club asserted that fish were curious and creatures of habit. Three councillors took up the invitation. He’s also the founder and CEO of a well known email mail… Read more →

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