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Microscopic black holes (not very likely): Although it would be pretty cool if micro black holes were generated, the report concludes that this event will be unlikely, although theoretically possible. If a micro black hole was produced by an LHC collision, it is very likely that it would evaporate very quickly (via Hawking Radiation), making it difficult for any observation… Read more →

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Clostridium species are both heroes and villains. Some cause serious human and animal diseases, those present in the microbiota contribute to health and wellbeing, while others represent useful industrial chassis for the production of chemicals and fuels. To understand, counter or exploit, there is a fundamental requirement for effective systems that may be used for directed or random genome modifications.… Read more →

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You retain full ownership of all your information, including friend lists, messages, photos, and profile details. Diaspora is not a single site it’s a collection of different sites, with different URLs, run by different people. But they all run the same software, and they all talk to each other. 46th avenues in Denver Berkeley neighborhood, and offers participants of everything… Read more →

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Real time ecological monitoring using sensory arrays for biogeochemical variables such as water pH, temperature, and dissolved oxygen provides a data stream that allows scientists to develop a more complete picture of a water body and heighten understanding of processes like stratification and lake mixing. Colby College recently deployed a high frequency monitoring buoy in Great Pond that collects such… Read more →

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Wheatley Heights, NY August 10, 2015 For the fifth year, talented Long Island music students received a unique opportunity to study and perform at Usdan Center for the Creative and Performing Arts. The program was developed by Usdan Center in 2011 and supported with a charitable grant from Bethpage Federal Credit Union. The Usdan Center/Bethpage Scholars in the Arts program… Read more →

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Languages exhibit sociolinguistic variation, such that adult native speakers condition the usage of linguistic variants on social context, gender, and ethnicity, among other cues. While the existence of this kind of socially conditioned variation is well established, less is known about how it is acquired. Studies of naturalistic language use by children provide various examples where children’s production of sociolinguistic… Read more →