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Understanding individual responses to stress is a key aspect of maintaining optimal animal welfare. This is especially important where animals are being kept in sub optimal environments or where the species may not clearly demonstrate stress. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate how stress varies in cats in a cattery environment in association with personality, age and… Read more →

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An opening flourish on four horns is a motif that recurs throughout the movement and finally brings it to a triumphant conclusion. Although one is not marked, it is clear that another shorter, though definite pause, is appropriate before the start of Part III.Fourth MovementThe third part of the symphony starts with the famous Adagietto. This little movement, scored for… Read more →

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All of this brings up an issue that has been largely ignored by the pharmaceutical companies, and that is: what is the environmental impact of the mass prescription and mass consumption of their drugs? If millions upon millions of people are taking these drugs, then the environmental impact is potentially quite large. These drugs are, of course, synthetically produced, highly… Read more →

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