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I know what you thinking: How long before human composers become musically obsolete? It a complex and problematic question. Futurist Ray Kurzweil estimates that computers will be creating their own art and music in just six years (though the prediction is vague enough about what actually means, in terms of aesthetic self awareness, that you might claim it already happened,… Read more →

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Also know your employee rights and gain valuable insight into employment law, unemployment benefits, maternity leave, sexual harassment, discrimination and other issues. Read expert articles and guides, network with peers and professions, comment and share your experience. We’re happy to join you in the ever growing process of your career development and planning!. MA is then used to simultaneously learn… Read more →

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They appear to frequent diverse altitudinal belts in order to take advantage of different resources. A strong pastoral orientation is related to the exploitation of high mountain areas.During the Middle/late Neolithic human groups show a higher degree of sedentism. Hunting and gathering are still important activities although agriculture and animal husbandry increase in importance. The return came midway through the… Read more →

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Io is captured here by NASA’s Galileo spacecraft. Deposits of sulfur dioxide frost appear in white and grey hues while yellowish and brownish hues are probably due to other sulfurous materials. Bright red materials, such as the prominent ring surrounding Pele (lower left), and “black” spots mark areas of recent volcanic activity. Last, but not least, is a scary word… Read more →

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Has ducked a serious national debate over common sense gun laws for too long. We have an obligation to act and prevent tomorrow senseless deaths by coming together and ensuring that guns stay out of the hands of criminals and the dangerously mentally ill, said Senator Gillibrand. Cracking down on illegal gun traffickers and their vast criminal networks, we can… Read more →

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Enough. Ban texting while driving. And cell phone use, too. Auditory training aims to compensate for degradation in the auditory signal and is offered as an intervention to help alleviate the most common complaint in people with hearing loss, understanding speech in a background noise. Yet there remain many unanswered questions. This article reviews some of the key pieces of… Read more →