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However, there were those during Antiquity that questioned this convention. One point of contention was the fact that the Earth was not only fixed in place, but that it did not rotate. For instance, Aristarchus of Samos (ca. Staff from one National Health Service (NHS) Trust in England completed an online survey (N = 590) about their experience of intrusive… Read more →

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In terms of business ethics, Coca Cola and Honest Tea make for strange bedfellows. Producing healthy, organic, fair trade drinks, Honest Tea pledges in its mission statement that commitment to social responsibility is central to Honest Tea identity and purpose. Meanwhile, Coca Cola markets primarily artificial, unhealthy beverages and has a reputation of unfriendliness toward unions. La deuxime partie, elle,… Read more →

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This paper tests the degree to which Illustris achieves this goal across a diverse population of galaxies using visual morphologies derived from Galaxy Zoo citizen scientists. Morphological classifications provided by these volunteers for simulated galaxies are compared with similar data for a compatible sample of images drawn from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) Legacy Survey. This paper investigates how… Read more →

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Unheated unvented outdoor domes are prone to moisture condensation especially at night and/or when temperatures change. Always be sure dome is very clean, inside out. Do use a cleaning solution made specifically for use on plastic, like yellow vinegar Windex (or similar) vs regular blue Windex. In his later years, he eventually settled in Vilcabamba, Ecuador and hosted several philosophical… Read more →

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A new connection. Something we’ve never found in another person before. On the surface we’re all just gear snobs here, but beneath the surface, we are all so much more. Among these, WildScope devices integrate GPS based telemetry within fully distributed networks, allowing contact triggered GPS location acquisition. In this way, the ecological context in which contacts occur can be… Read more →

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I know what you thinking: How long before human composers become musically obsolete? It a complex and problematic question. Futurist Ray Kurzweil estimates that computers will be creating their own art and music in just six years (though the prediction is vague enough about what actually means, in terms of aesthetic self awareness, that you might claim it already happened,… Read more →

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Also know your employee rights and gain valuable insight into employment law, unemployment benefits, maternity leave, sexual harassment, discrimination and other issues. Read expert articles and guides, network with peers and professions, comment and share your experience. We’re happy to join you in the ever growing process of your career development and planning!. MA is then used to simultaneously learn… Read more →

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