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The insurgents are now promising more bloodshed, and American advocates of withdrawing from the battlefield questioned on Monday whether Trump’s decision to cancel what he called plans for a secret meeting with Taliban and Afghan leaders at the Camp David, Maryland, presidential retreat over the weekend had poisoned the prospects for peace. Troops from the “endless war” in Afghanistan since… Read more →

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Although Gov. Rick Scott two years ago endorsed expanding Medicaid, he did nothing to get it past fellow Republicans in the Legislature. With congressional Republicans now reinvigorated over the idea of carving up Obamacare after the latest elections, there virtually no chance Florida GOP leaders will make it easier for low income Floridians to get Medicaid in coming months.. The… Read more →

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The central chapters focus on four texts from the twenty first century, three novels and one collection of poetry, approaching each text with a critically informed spatial lens in order to draw out how engagements with Toronto develop spatial innovation within literature. In turn the thesis seeks to elucidate the spatial developments achieved through literary writing. The thesis then demonstrates… Read more →

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Of course, programmers hate the leap second, and much like the patchwork of daylight saving time and time zone rules, it causes a colossal headache to assure all of those exceptions and rules are accounted for. Consider, for example, how many transactions (emails, tweets, etc) fly around the globe every second. Many services such as Google instead apply what’s known… Read more →

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