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It turns out that quite a few people at that time were interested in the lever, and they were people who normally wouldn fall into the same box together. And also people who were doing a different kind of philosophical thinking than Kant’s, called Naturphilosophie, or philosophy of nature, as well as some who were interested in empirical and rational… Read more →

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Recent experimental and theoretical efforts have focused on the effect of dissipation on quantum many body systems in their many body localized (MBL) phase. While in the presence of dephasing noise such systems reach a unique ergodic state, their dynamics is characterized by slow relaxation manifested in nonexponential decay of self correlations. Here we shed light on a currently much… Read more →

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Routt, director of the city’s office of management and budget, said the best cure for Alexandria’s fiscal woes would be growth of the city’s tax base. What is all of the development in Potomac Yard and the Eisenhower Valley not to mention the replacement development in Braddock and Northeast considered? It certainly looks like new development and growth to the… Read more →

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OWL design called for modularity, or industrialized fabrication of identical building blocks to reduce costs. The manufacture of extremely large telescopes is expensive, but so are the transportation costs. All of the components have to be built in engineering and manufacturing centres, then shipped to, and assembled on, fairly remote mountain tops. I am lucky (perhaps) that I have three… Read more →

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And Kalodimos, J. And Kaszubowski, E. And Lei, R. Unemployment is also a significant problem for the change in professional education patterns. The influence of markets on professional education is stronger and companies and enterprises are looking for university talent to gain the increase in profit and they have a clear stake in shaping the new system of professional education.… Read more →

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