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The M855 uses a sixty two grain projectile stabilized by a 1:7 twist barrel. The slower twist rate is required to stabilize the heavier projectile. The projectile has an enclosed steel penetrator that gives it superior penetration against steel. Some are interested in school teachers, some are interested in high political guys or CEOs. Some are interested in nice looking… Read more →

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In its first indication for use, the Axxent Electronic Brachytherapy System will reduce the time required for radiation therapy for early stage breast cancer from seven weeks (for external beam radiation therapy) down to five days. As a result, tens of thousands of patients will have greater access to therapy that is delivered more easily and conveniently. This may advance… Read more →

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Monster stats/abilities are rules, which you can change. My experience has shown that you can alter HP (since only the average is provided in the block) and change up appropriate spells for those creatures with a specific spellcasting ability. You are allowed to swap in or removing appropriate monsters, with no limit other than appropriate you can do is provide… Read more →