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The M855 uses a sixty two grain projectile stabilized by a 1:7 twist barrel. The slower twist rate is required to stabilize the heavier projectile. The projectile has an enclosed steel penetrator that gives it superior penetration against steel. Some are interested in school teachers, some are interested in high political guys or CEOs. Some are interested in nice looking… Read more →

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The processes by which hot, massive stars expel their surface layers through their strong outflowing winds have a major impact on a star’s long term fate. The cast off material can also interact with other nearby stars, contribute matter and energy to the surrounding interstellar medium, and even induce bursts of new star formation. Hot massive stars are thus key… Read more →

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A further key DAAD activity is supporting the development of quality assurance structures. Focusing on quantity and losing sight of quality weakens universities. With the Inter University Council for East Africa, DAAD has developed a handbook on quality assurance in the region and conducted training courses for universities. Today I am announcing that I am suspending my Sunday television preaching… Read more →

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My PhD engages with a number of recent works of fiction in order to understand how American literature has commented on the emergence of a postsuburban environment that is to say a cosmopolitan landscape in which the previous city/suburb binary is no longer evident. Whilst the term ‘postsuburban’ is resistant to easy categorisation, I use it as a mode of… Read more →

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