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Simple authentication is becoming too complex and less effective, resulting in weak security, poor user experience, and a high cost of ownership. Security technology combined withmachine learning,biometricsand user behaviour will improve usability and self service capabilities. For example, smartphones can capture and learn a user behaviour, such as patterns when they walk, swipe, apply pressure to the phone, scroll and… Read more →

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Baseline tests were conducted in both groups before conducting the experiment and post tests afterward. In addition, focus groups were conducted with experts and university students to evaluate the SHG.Results: The scales were reliable and valid. Eighty four percent (424/505) of participants reported at least one traumatic event. I agree that, as a health practitioner, it can be challenging to… Read more →

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Item Type:Conference or Workshop contribution (Paper)Item Status:Live ArchiveAbstractThis paper is concerned with convective heat transfer enhancement of heated surfaces through the use of vortex generators and flow control devices. A preliminary proof of concept investigation has been carried out into the use of active vortex generators and flow control elements, both manufactured from Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs) which are activated… Read more →

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Formerly SeamlessWeb, Seamless is a leader in online food ordering and delivery service that allows customers to not only place their meal request with a few clicks of a mouse, but also to browse through the menus, reviews, and ratings of various restaurants in their vicinity. Designed to remedy the hassles that sometimes manifest while ordering over the phone, Seamless… Read more →

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Ultraviolet C light disinfects water, sterilizes surfaces Measuring in wavelengths between 100 and 280 nanometers (nm), as defined by the World Health Organization, ultraviolet C, or UVC (short wave), light is one effective way to rid exposed surfaces of harmful pathogens. A growing number of hospitals, which are notorious for harboring antibiotic resistant “superbug” pathogens, have chosen this non toxic… Read more →

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Hyperthermophilic composting accelerates the removal of antibiotic resistance genes and mobile genetic elements in sewage sludgeLiao, H., Lu, X., Rensing, C., Friman, V P., Geisen, S., Chen, Z., Yu, Z., Wei, Z., Zhou, S. Zhu, Y., 2 Jan 2018Article in Environmental Science and TechnologyPublication detailsJournalEnvironmental Science and TechnologyDateAccepted/In press 16 May 2019DateE pub ahead of print 16 May 2019DatePublished (current)… Read more →

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This utter lack of recognition of the value of consciousness in living beings is the core principle of evil upon which most of modern science is built. It is the lack of empathy itself that gives rise to great evil. He explains that psychopaths have “zero degrees of empathy,” meaning they do not recognize nor value the thoughts and feelings… Read more →

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