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As with most sharpening filters, it introduces noise in some areas. CyberLink also includes TrueTheater Motion, which is a motion compensation and smoothing technology that worked at removing judder from some scenes, but is far from perfect. As with all of these technologies, it doesn hold a candle to actual HD footage.. Current experiments focus on reorientation close to the… Read more →

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J., Beale, G. Austin, J., 26 Jan 2018Article in Journal of Contemporary ArchaeologyHeritage on Exile: Reflecting on the roles and responsibilities of heritage organisations towards those affected by forced migrationSchofield, A. J., 13 Jul 2017Article in Journal of Contemporary Archaeology. The IPA reiterated many of the findings from study 1 in terms of the experiential benefits of peer support and… Read more →

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The protocols are applied to different case studies, first for the detailed modeling and progressively enhancing the level of simplification. The results show that the accuracy of the most simplified model in terms of heating loads and efficiencies is always below 16% with respect to the most detailed model, but with up to 90% modeling and simulation workload reductions. In… Read more →

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As Musk said during the course of the ceremony: Mars you basically just need a track. You might be able to just have a road, honestly. [It would] go pretty fast It would obviously have to be electric because there no oxygen. This allows us to uncover considerable but unevenly distributed evidence on a number of organizational processes formalized in… Read more →

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We study an ensemble of strongly coupled electrons under continuous microwave irradiation interacting with a dissipative environment, a problem of relevance to the creation of highly polarized non equilibrium statesin nuclear magnetic resonance. We analyze the stationary states of the dynamics, described within a Lindblad master equation framework, at the mean field approximation level. This approach allows us to identify… Read more →

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“We are at the tipping point. Business leaders everywhere are augmenting their workforces with software robots, rapidly accelerating the digital transformation of their entire business and freeing employees to spend time on more impactful work,” said Daniel Dines, UiPath co founder and CEO, in a statement. “UiPath is leading this workforce revolution, driven by our core determination to democratize RPA… Read more →

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And while hotel room taxes continue to go to tourism promotion in Bend and elsewhere in Oregon, that’s at a rate dictated by the state. Locally, tourism promotion agencies such as Visit Bend have been doing more to promote good stewardship through initiatives such as the Bend Pledge. More education around stewardship is never a bad thing, whether from the… Read more →

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