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A thematic approach was used to analyse the carers TM comments and three main overarching themes were identified. The quality of life of older family carers can be enhanced by having more time away from caregiving, accessing health and social services that are dementia friendly and by having economic support. Future care, policies and research should aim to address these… Read more →

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Whilst open ended investigative projects can be integrated into the post 16 curriculum, where this is not a requirement of the specification, it tends to rely on work beyond timetabled hours from teachers. Several teachers in this sample found ways of making project work ‘count’, for example by relating it to the CPAC, linking to award schemes, offering as an… Read more →

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Resolvins D1, D2, D3, D5, E1 and 17 HDHA, were measured by liquid chromatography mass spectrometry and tested for association with heat pain thresholds in 250 healthy volunteers who had undergone quantitative sensory testing. Resolvins D1, D2 and 17 HDHA were then tested in 62 individuals affected with knee osteoarthritis and 52 age matched controls and tested for association with… Read more →

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Truman’s loyalty program was a startling development for a country that prized the concepts of personal liberty and freedom of political organization. Yet it was only one of many questionable activities that occurred during the period of anticommunist hysteria known as the Red Scare. House of Representatives, where the House Un American Activities Committee (HUAC) was formed in 1938. Most… Read more →

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It has been argued that the omega 3 fatty acids in flax can be converted to the other essential fatty acids by the body. But, researchers have found that flax supplementation does not increase circulating levels of DHA, meaning that DHA itself is “essential”. For strict vegetarians or vegans, supplements containing marine algae are better choices. The electrical discharge coating… Read more →

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