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Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Ken Cuccinelli on Wednesday of implementing immigration policy in service of a “white supremacist ideology. The accusations came during a hearing of the House Oversight Committee on immigration policy. You and Mr. Polypeptide based biosilica composites show promise as next generation multi functional nano platforms for diagnostics and bio catalytic applications. Following identification of a… Read more →

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Anastasia Dedyukhina found success in digital advertising. But in 2015, she became concerned that technology was working against her and reversed the course of her career entirely, becoming an advocate for “digital minimalism.” Technology companies and those who provide content for them are doing everything they can to seize and commodify our attention, and it’s working. “It’s not a content… Read more →

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Normally, we think of planets around other stars as being similar to our solar system, where a retinue of planets orbits a single star. Although theoretically possible, scientists debated whether or not planets would ever be found around pairs of stars or multiple star systems. Then, in September, 2011, researchers at NASA’s Kepler mission announced the discovery of Kepler 16b,… Read more →