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This is more appropriate than the paraxial model in systems that lack symmetry about the optical axis. In computer modeling, parabasal rays are “real rays”, that is rays that are treated without making the paraxial approximation. Parabasal rays about the optical axis are sometimes used to calculate first order properties of optical systems.. There seem to be two basic arguments,… Read more →

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Clostridium difficile is an anaerobic, Gram positive, and spore forming bacterium that is the leading worldwide infective cause of hospital acquired and antibiotic associated diarrhea. Several studies have reported associations between humoral immunity and the clinical course of C. Difficile infection (CDI). Previous research has emphasized the importance of emotions in the development of adult and adolescent substance use. There… Read more →

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14 mins. UPDATE 4pm: A grade netball Colbinabbin leads White Hills, 25 18 at half time. Re watch the quarter here: Seniors North Bgo out to biggest lead of the game after Aarryn Craig goals from set shot. When presented with responses of another person, people incorporate these responses into memory reports: a finding termed memory conformity. Research on memory… Read more →

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The objectives were to present the findings of a recent scoping review to children with and without disabilities and their caregivers for their reactions; and to explore the experiences and perceptions of the children and their caregivers regarding weight related communication best practices.Methods: Focus group and individual interviews were conducted with 7 “18 year olds with and without disabilities and… Read more →

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NeptuneNeptune is the Roman god of the sea, so its moons were named after other underwater characters: Triton, Nereid, Naiad, Thalassa, Despina, Galatea, Larissa, Proteus, Halimede, Psamathe, Sao, Laomedeia, Neso and an as yet unnamed 14th satellite. In Greek mythology Triton is the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, god and goddess of the sea. The moon Triton was discovered on… Read more →