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Life style, travel, honeysuckle creek, the dish, honeysuckle creek station, honeysuckle creek tracking station, moon landing 50th anniversary, tim the yowie man, moon landingTo report that the site of the former Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station has been spruced up would be an understatement. There are innovative interpretative signs, a shiny new shelter, and a knock out sculpture featuring the words… Read more →

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Here, we reconstruct the Pliocene Pleistocene history of both sea surface and Antarctic Intermediate Water (AAIW) temperatures on orbital timescales from DSDP Site 593 in the Tasman Sea, Southwest Pacific. We confirm overall Pliocene Pleistocene cooling trends in both the surfaceocean and AAIW, although the patterns are complex. The Pliocene is warmer than modern, but our data suggest an equatorward… Read more →

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Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) has been widely used in a number of different settings with published outcomes and literature supporting its validity and efficacy. What is less understood is DBT’s application to forensic populations. Specifically, the importance of motivation, shared learning, professionalism, reinforcement and reflection in creating a positive experience of DBT were identified. In this study, the non steady… Read more →

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This research project will be comparing eight case study countries located in various continents and geographical settings to provide a multinational understanding of what causes high rates of deforestation and forest cover loss in a more generally applicable sense, as well as factors that minimize this issue. In doing so we aim to shed light on the areas that could… Read more →

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