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Paul: But in the early universe, everything was uniform. There were no differences in gravity. Yeah, it was incredibly high density, but if you could be transported back there and actually survive, you wouldn’t feel any gravitational pull anywhere because every direction is the same density. Hold the cheese and smoked fish. Aged cheeses, smoked fish, and alcohol naturally contain… Read more →

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On July 5, 2010, Wisconsin effectively went smoke free. The indoor smoking ban put an end to smoking inside bars, restaurants, and workplaces. Nearly a decade later, the new bill adds another product to the list. Will LTE versions increase the weight and size of both devices?I am not going to make a firm prediction here because it would be… Read more →

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“You chose a life of compassionate, humanistic service to others. But never forget, this life also chose you. It was meant to be you who offers a kind word, an understanding ear, a healing touch. Intel’s discrete graphics card for PC enthusiasts is real. Intel won’t just address the pro graphics and accelerated compute markets, but also consumer graphics, challenging… Read more →

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The drive is designed keeping data archival in mind, more than Blu ray video, since with increase in capacities of an archive media, so does the risk of random writing errors that destroy data in the archive. Stringent quality control is implemented in selection of its parts, and testing of the drive. Its mechanism also works to reduce recording variability,… Read more →

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The Canadian Football League ventured into a new territory on Thursday when it announced its policy on violence against women. Over the past year, violence against women has repeatedly found its way into the news, attaching itself to well known names. First, it was NFL player Ray Rice being caught on video punching his then fiancee unconscious in an elevator.… Read more →

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