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In particular, electrical control of water permeation through membranes is a long sought objective and is of crucial importance for healthcare and related areas. Currently, such adjustable membranes are limited to the modulation of wetting of the membranes5 and controlled ion transport1, but not the controlled mass flow of water. Despite intensive theoretical work6 9,11 14 yielding conflicting results, the… Read more →

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As with SSI and other programs, however, the 1996 law denies Medicaid eligibility to most legal immigrants. Except for Refugees, those who have claimed political Asylum, and a few other categories, immigrants entering the United States are ineligible for Medicaid for five years, with states having the option of extending this ban for a longer period. Immigrants who had been… Read more →

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Counting some 330 million people is the largest peacetime operation undertaken by the federal government. The Census Bureau hires a half million workers, opens about 250 offices and mails out a multitude of forms in English and 12 other languages to more than 130 million households. In 2020, for the first time, the Census Bureau is relying on most respondents… Read more →

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Even if decompression tables are followed strictly, it will leave the body with a surfeit of dissolved nitrogen. Consequently, repeat dives should be treated with caution and flying after diving can be a problem (see below). If two dives are planned in any 24 hour period, the deeper dive should always be done first. Uncovering latent community structure in complex… Read more →

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After voluntary health insurance reimbursement, the mean out of pocket payment was equal to 101.4 Euros per month, mainly due to transport (32%) and medical devices (26%). Concentration curves indicated regressivity of out of pocket payments. Total out of pocket payments represented 10.1% of the income by consumption unit for the poorest quintile and 3.5% for the wealthiest (p. Two… Read more →

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Mammary gland morphogenesis depends on a tight balance between cell proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis, to create a defined functional hierarchy within the epithelia. The limited availability of stem cell/progenitor markers has made it challenging to decipher lineage relationships. Here, we identify a rare subset of luminal progenitors that express the zinc finger transcriptional repressor Blimp1, and demonstrate that this subset… Read more →