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It’s an extraordinary revelation in itself, and we think it’s valid.”The Isleworth painting likewise a portrait of a young woman with an enigmatic smile is slightly larger, was painted on canvas and has brighter colors than the famed Louvre Museum masterpiece painted on wood. The posture, folded hand positions, faces, expressions and clothing are similar, while the landscape in the… Read more →

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In recent years, problematic and addictive gaming has been a phenomenon of growing concern worldwide. In light of the increasing awareness about this issue, the latest (fifth) edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM 5) included Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD) as an area in need of more empirical research. The Internet Gaming Disorder… Read more →

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In particular, electrical control of water permeation through membranes is a long sought objective and is of crucial importance for healthcare and related areas. Currently, such adjustable membranes are limited to the modulation of wetting of the membranes5 and controlled ion transport1, but not the controlled mass flow of water. Despite intensive theoretical work6 9,11 14 yielding conflicting results, the… Read more →

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