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Our main conclusions point to relatively gentle environmental effects, expressed mainly on galaxy gas reservoirs. (1) Stacking the four subclusters in A901/2, we find galaxies in the virialized region are more massive, redder and have marginally higher Srsic indices, but their half light radii and Hubble types are not significantly different. (2) After accounting for trends in stellar mass, there… Read more →

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The old dichotomy between ‘neurosis’ and ‘psychosis’ appears to be alive and well in the debate about psychiatric diagnosis. It is often suggested that while diagnostic alternatives may be appropriate for the relatively common forms of distress with which we can all identify such as anxiety and depression, psychiatric diagnoses remain vital for experiences such as hearing voices, holding beliefs… Read more →

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Wildlife When in the ‘sun’ stage, you can engage in wildlife spotting. A frequent sight is the vendor, which can be recognised by the cry ‘agua mineral, cerveja, matte leao, cocacola um real!’ ‘water, beer, iced tea, Coca Cola for one Real each!’. Other members of the species sell ice cream, biscoitos (biscuits), shrimps (on a stick) or grilled cheese.… Read more →

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Finally, falling oil should provide a more conducive environment and more elbow room for the Narendra Modi government to initiate bolder reforms. The government has taken a number of small steps towards de bottlenecking of clogged sectors such as infrastructure and has shown its intention to work towards kick starting growth in labour intensive sectors such as textiles and food… Read more →

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Your holidays are amazing. It looks like an episode of7th Heaven. Everyone’s on time, everyone knows each other. Usually for me it’s mostly my Visual Foxpro searching data tables that are provided by my server. It can be pretty slow at times, don’t know what the issues are. Sometimes not very slow at all, sometimes takes a lot more time.… Read more →