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Extreme stimuli are often more salient in perception and memory than moderate stimuli. In risky choice, when people learn the odds and outcomes from experience, the extreme outcomes (best and worst) also stand out. This additional salience leads to more risk seeking for relative gains than for relative losses “the opposite of what people do when queried in terms of… Read more →

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Genotype and site effects were associated with 10% and 6% of the overall variation in grain Zn concentration, respectively. Whilst G x E interaction effects were evident across the panel, some genotypes had consistent rankings between sites and years. No yield dilution was observed. Thiazide diuretics are among the most widely used treatments for hypertension, but thiazide induced hyponatremia (TIH),… Read more →

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Additional Information:Organisations encounter obstacles when implementing ERP systems. This paper intends to explore some of the problems that occur throughout the implementation of an ERP system. Using a combination of the work of Markus et al (2001) and Kim et al (2005), a framework is constructed of Human and Organisational and Technical problems in ERP Implementations during the project phase.… Read more →

Ray Ban Rb3362 Sunglasses Gunmetal Frame Crystal Green Lens

In addition, x ray diffraction (XRD), transport measurements and super conducting quantum interference device (SQUID) magnetometry were used as complimentary techniques.GaMnAs layers with epitaxial Fe grown on top, are shown to have a sub nanometre interfacial layer which remains polarised above room temperature. A detailed understanding of these systems is obtained by applying the element specific nature of XMCD in… Read more →

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Technologies (the current owner of the Broadcom brand) has been on an acquisition spree for years, trying to get access to various technologies, buy patents, gain new clients, and become a more powerful semiconductor firm in general. Since 2013, Avago has completed five major acquisitions, so the company is an experienced buyer. Qualcomm however poses some unique circumstances for Avago/Broadcom,… Read more →

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Your memory lives on. Godspeed, Jessi Combs. I woke up to very sad news that Jessi Combs is no longer with us. T. P., Barnes, I., Collins, M. J., Smith, C., Eklund, J., Goudsmit, J., Poinar, H. This mechanism of action was substantiated with the yeast cell model using available reporters of mistranslation and other genetic tools. Mistranslation induced by… Read more →

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The Alexandrian School and the Ptolemaic System The apex of Greek astronomy was reached in the Hellenistic period by the Alexandrian school. Although there were errors in his assumptions, his approach was truly scientific; his work was the first serious attempt to make a scale model of the universe. His method was based on the angular difference in the sun’s… Read more →

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