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The discrepancy between expectations of students and experience of doctors reinforces the idea that there is a gap in training. Doctors of different grades place different importance on specific non technical skills with implications for postgraduate training. There is a pressing need for medical schools and deaneries to review non technical training to include more than communication skills.. Not known… Read more →

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Breast cancer reality checkMost mammograms detect cancer at ‘stage zero.’ This non invasive cancer, left untreated, does not progress, does not cause further harm, and does not become invasive. It regresses without medication, without radiation. Sadly though, millions of women are being put through the system, unintentionally lied to, even as evidence suggests that all these stage zero breast cancer… Read more →

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In thirteenth century Lincolnshire, women were at the heart of baronial families. This thesis explores the lives of women from five baronial families in Lincolnshire: the baronies of Ashby, Brattleby, Folkingham, Redbourne and Tattershall. Extensive records have survived which highlight the importance of baronial women within estate administration and religious patronage. In a boost converter, this operating limit can be… Read more →

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Floor effects were observed for more than 50% of the items. While the TFI may discriminate those whose tinnitus is not a problem, floor effects in many items means it is less appropriate as a measure of change in this subgroup. Further investigation is needed to determine whether these effects are relevant in other populations.. When complexes were delivered intratumorally,… Read more →

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This Oct. 31, 2019 photo shows former Fox News personality Gretchen Carlson during an interview in New York. Carlson received a reported $20 million settlement from Fox News in 2016 after she sued the network, claiming the late Roger Ailes, then head of the division, demoted then fired her when she rejected his sexual advances. Featuring supporting interview with Tony… Read more →

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And yet words are but a means to an oeuvre; a collection of ruminations answering only to self destruction in the artist. How then do we approach life without destroying ourselves with every waking thought; annihilation at every moment? The prophet knows, perhaps, the bodhisattva, the awakened. Beyond words the awakened has only deeds; they accumulate energy they never expend.… Read more →

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Do not mix any other medication in the same injection. Before injecting each dose, clean the injection site with rubbing alcohol. Change the injection site each time to lessen injury under the skin. Fringe tortuosity is similar across the internal combustion engine samples, but lower for the carbon black sample. In contrast, fringe separation varies continuously among the samples. Raman… Read more →