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A complete view of cultural tourism requires perspectives on both its economic aspect and its cultural dimension. This thesis presents the first cultural tourist taxonomy in the literature, which classifies the various types of cultural tourists by using fundamental distinctions based on economic theory. It also explains the necessity of classifying cultural tourists into those six well defined categories, and… Read more →

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This thesis is concerned with the impact of outsourcing within the airline industry. There are conflicting viewpoints on the impact of outsourcing and a scarcity of empirical studies examining its influence on the airlines’ performance. In order to fill in this gap, the research process was divided into three stages: (1) Literature review and an exploratory case study; (2) Analysis… Read more →

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Is a proven leader, a champion for safe, affordable housing and strong, sustainable neighborhoods. I know that together with the dedicated professionals at HUD, Julin will help build on the progress we’ve made battling back from the Great Recession rebuilding our housing market, reducing homelessness among veterans, and connecting neighborhoods with good schools and good jobs that help our citizens… Read more →

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Ghiz was sued three times in connection with the trial. Several news organizations filed suit before the trial started, complaining about the judge’s ban on cameras and electronic recording devices that are routinely present in Ohio courtrooms. The Cincinnati Enquirer filed subsequent lawsuits for completed juror questionnaires and a transcript of a conversation between Ghiz and jurors during jury deliberations..… Read more →