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Without another big fab, it would be impossible to make any new leading edge process technology competitive against Samsung and TSMC due to aforementioned scale reasons. Meanwhile, building a new fab (or even expanding the Fab 8 with another clean room module, which is something that GF considered several years ago) and creating another node or two would require another… Read more →

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First, do not ignore the problem. It will not go away, and it only gets worse. Open and read any mail the lender sends you. The asymptotic validity of the bootstrap tests is established by showing that the asymptotic distributions of the bootstrap parameter constancy statistics, conditional on the data, coincide with those of the asymptotic null distributions of the… Read more →

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“Getting comfortable starts with getting curious,” McDaniel says. “When you put aside self judgment and approach masturbation with an open and curious mind, it helps you get comfortable in your own skin.” One good approach: Start exploring. Gunsaullus suggests setting a timer for 15 to 20 minutes, grabbing a hand mirror, and getting acquainted with not just the feel, but… Read more →

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There is a need to criminalise this kind of “pork barrelling”. Australia needs a strong federal independent commission against corruption. Such a body should be controlled by and answerable to the judiciary, not our self serving politicians. “Jaycen,” from Marid’s latest album Sota Seoul, is a heartfelt statement of purpose. Not only does he outline his motivation to provide for… Read more →

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Ion homeostasis is essential for plant growth and environmental adaptation, and maintaining ion homeostasis requires the precise regulation of various ion transporters, as well as correct root patterning. However, the mechanisms underlying these processes remain largely elusive. Here, we reported that a choline transporter gene, CTL1, controls ionome homeostasis by regulating the secretory trafficking of proteins required for plasmodesmata (PD)… Read more →

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