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Staff responded to four questions using ethnographic freelisting. They listed: (1) all the ways they notice the emotional distress of patients with dementia, (2) the causes of emotional distress, (3) all the ways they respond and (4) the responses that seem to work. Cultural consensus analysis was applied.Results: A single factor solution for each question indicated a consensus approach to… Read more →

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In the contemporary era, a colossal amount of information is published daily on the Web in the form of articles, documents, reviews, blogs and social media posts. As most of this data is available in the form of unstructured documents, it makes it challenging and timeconsuming to extract non trivial, previously unknown, and potentially useful knowledge from the published documents.This… Read more →

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You would need abilities similar to those of superheroes, and be able to smash neutron stars and black holes together at will. There are probably easier ways to get a message across the stars. Credit: Breakthrough Initiatives. I don’t text. I’m not on Facebook, but there’s somebody named John Harbaugh on Facebook. I’d like to know who that person is.… Read more →

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Along with it goes an estimated 250 full time jobs and millions of dollars in much needed tax revenue. An incredible opportunity missed, and I extremely disappointed with that, says Tom Sunderbruch of the Scott County Board of Supervisors. It not that they seeing more fires; it just that many of the fires they getting called to are much bigger… Read more →

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Partners frequently experience anxiety, depression, anger, rage, and obsessive thinking (“I can’t stop thinking about it”) after they become aware of the situation. In addition to the emotional aspects, the discovery also has an effect on the partner’s reaction to sex. They experience fear of sex, avoidance, no interest, negative feelings, intrusive thoughts, vaginal pain, difficulty reaching orgasm, and body… Read more →

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Senior flight nurse, Brendan Kiley, said the Flying Doctor considers what sort of trips they take the students on. “In Broken Hill we’re responsible for the western third of NSW, and flight nurses essentially work in the aircraft. And are responsible for either routine transfers between satellite hospitals and Broken Hill, or Broken Hill through to tertiary level care in… Read more →

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