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Although pollution may cause damage to your skin, the sun is public enemy number one. Treatments are also designed to help protect your face from the elements, remove dead cell layers and generally improve overall appearance. Additionally it may assist in keeping premature ageing at bay by stimulating the blood vessels under the skin to improve elasticity.. “This is why… Read more →

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Filled with several centuries’ worth of raunchy sex ditties, morbid murder ballads, satanic songs, paeans to intoxication and radical political anthems, this book lays the censors’ stories bare, and casts a much needed spotlight on civil liberties and artistic freedom in our post 9/11 world. Highlights the work of hundreds of controversial musicians, including: The Beatles, Ray Charles, the Dixie… Read more →

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We aimed to explore the effect of change in frequency (F0 in Hz) and speech rate (syllables per second SPS) on voice recognition accuracy. In part one of our experiment, participants (M=36; F=36; aged 18 30 years) were given a 2AFC voice matching task which involved hearing (binaural headphone presentation) synthesised (using NaturalReader 12) voices (uttering the phrase “spring is… Read more →

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The primary aim of this article is to critically consider and describe the different contexts in which the disclosure of a person’s HIV/AIDS status will be relevant. The position of various role players in the economy, in the criminal justice system and in the healthcare arena will be considered with reference to relevant legislation, case law, guidelines and ethical codes.… Read more →

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