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A threshold definitional caveat is warranted here before I unspool these federalism arguments: there is no standard definition of “collective action logic” or “collective action problem” in the legal literature.36 I will argue below that the term is often employed with some liberality, and even a touch of promiscuity. I accordingly do not offer a threshold definition. Instead, I take… Read more →

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Froude scale ratios were applied to carefully scale all experimental parameters between three scales, apart from the kinematic viscosity. Surface particle image velocimetry was conducted to record the vortex decay. The radial averaged azimuthal velocity over radial distance and the ensemble averaged mean azimuthal velocity, Reynolds number and dimensionless vorticity decays are presented. ”The romantic generation, the end of the… Read more →

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Roland Jones suffered soreness in his back during Middlesex’s Championship game against Derbyshire last week, which ruled him out of bowling in the second half of the game. Scans have subsequently confirmed a recurrence of the stress fracture he suffered last September. He is now set to undergo an extended period of rehabilitation.. An important difference between perfect completion and… Read more →

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Management of existing structures has traditionally been based on condition assessment, based on visual inspections, disregarding the susceptibility of different structural types to aging and deterioration. Robustness, as a measure of the effects of unpredictable damage to structural safety can be a complementary information to the results of inspection. Although robustness has mostly been used to evaluate the consequences of… Read more →

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