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Indirect objective methods such as pharmacy database records can be useful, but they are limited by the robustness of the recorded data. Electronic medication monitoring devices are accurate but usually track adherence to only a single medication and can be expensive. Overall, the fundamental issue with indirect objective measures is that they do not fully confirm ingestion of antihypertensive medications.… Read more →

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The complexity and connectivity of estuaries and coastal seas have been investigated through studies of physicochemical and ecological components, whilst the human imprint on the environment has been identified through a series of predictive, contemporary, historical and palaeo approaches. The impact of human activities has been shown to occur over a range of spatial and temporal scales, requiring the development… Read more →

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Nearly all atmospheric water vapor or moisture is found in the troposphere, so it is the layer where most of Earth’s meteorological phenomena (clouds, rain, snow, lightning storms) take place. The one exception is the Thermoposphere, where the phenomena known as Aurora Borealis and Aurara Australis (aka. The Northern and Southern Lights) are known to take place.. What are the… Read more →

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Jerry Kavouras, assistant professor of biology, served as the faculty mentor for the biology major. Michael Korby of Elgin presented, “Sensing and Measurement of Frustration on Mobile Devices.” Dr. Cindy Kersey, assistant professor of mathematics and computer science, served as the faculty mentor for the computer science major. Earl Ray Tomblin.Physicians generally treat the overdoses with anti anxiety medication such… Read more →